What it is like to work with me....

Hello to my future people! It's me your photographer here, I always say that talking about myself is hard but as I learn more and more about who I am through my art, through my photography I find it getting easier. I speak my own language and if that doesn't make sense, I speak English lol but in the sense of art, curating, manifesting, and molding my visions into a product that I get to produce for you is my own; my own language! Capturing human connection through human experience, souls sharing the same space and the same energy is the experience you will have with me!

Couples, sitting in front of a camera with a stranger snapping your photos can be awkward, I am well aware but I am here to tell you that things are awkward only if we make them awkward. I have been married for a year and some now to my high school sweetheart, yes high school it has been over 10 years now! We have been through every awkward, uncomfortable, energy that I am sure you have felt but we've also laughed contagiously through that awkwardness and that's what I want for you! Once that is over getting down to the pure soul sharing is my goal, the moments that you hold hands a couple seconds longer to appreciate the small pieces of them that you love and adore! A glance of appreciation, touching your favorite part of who they are, sharing intimacy whether that is serious, quiet, intense or if that is gitty, playful and flirty. I want to capture it all for you. Capturing the moments you share privately for you to never forget the feeling you get with your person.

Im going to copy my about me because its vital in your experience with me. - the importance of you knowing my heart so that I can capture yours is paramount. In a world where it is lacking, human connection is the most divine form of fulfillment. Connection that is not eternal but can be captured in an unwavering collection to be passed on from generation to generation, heart to heart and soul to soul. It is my hearts purpose to capture your love, to allow your adoration to project in its brightest manifestation!

Love that is as still as the bottom of the ocean.